All-In-One Software Package

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The All-in-One Product contains three products:

The Regression Plus is a stand-alone regression program that will produce a limited report that serves as an addendum to an appraisal report, listing report, or for storage in an appraiser’s work-file.  It is very useful in forming an opinion of value, extracting line-item adjustment rates, and trending value over time.  When the “USL Documenter” is loaded a USPAP compliant report can be produced for low scope of work assignments which do not require a cost approach.


The USL Documenter is a computer program that assists the appraiser in meeting all USPAP, Supplemental Standards, and Liability Management requirements.  This is where the acronym USL comes from.  This is a very sophisticated program that can produce as little as a paragraph or several pages of addenda, depending on the assignment and the type of report being used.  This should be used in conjunction with every appraisal assignment.


The Novice Level Regression Training consists of 5 workbooks and covers market modeling, residual analysis, regression analysis, extracting line-item adjustment rates, trending value over time, and reporting the regression analysis.  There are some 18 associated videos.  This material will improve your understanding of statistical analysis even if you have taken other training programs.  I recommend that you use the “VLC Media Player” to view the videos.  You can download a free copy at

General Information

There is no per use fee for any of these products.  If you have access to other regression programs that do charge a user fee, then use these AVT products when the other products are not required.

Be sure to check out this website for other useful tools, such as articles, Excel downloads, beginner regression videos, general videos on all of the products, sample reports, and a user forum.

*Note – All of these computer programs are written in Microsoft’s “.NetFrameWork”.  They will run on most all modern MS Window’s operating systems.  They will not run in a Macintosh (Apple) operating system.  The Regression Plus requires MS Excel to be loaded for importing data.  It may not load from other spreadsheet programs.

Training Materials

After trying several training methods we have found that workbooks supplemented with videos is the best avenue for success. This is an inexpensive and flexible learning environment. This is a five part series:

  • 1. An Introduction to Market Modeling
  • 2. Introduction to Regression Analysis
  • 3. Trending Values over Time
  • 4. Reporting Your Regression Analysis
  • 5. Extracting Sales Adjustments with Regression

The first three workbooks will empower the valuator to form credible value opinions with regression analysis. The fourth workbook shows the valuator how to report this value in a USPAP compliant manner Finally, the fifth workbook explores the phenomena of extracting sales adjustments with the Regression Plus software.

*This training material is included in the All-in-One CD

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