If it was easy, everyone would do it.

About five years ago AVT started providing some of the major pieces required for appraisers to utilize regression analysis. We have produced a fantastic regression program, produced webinars which introduced regression, and produced the best regression training material on the market. This program and training material are offered at a very reasonable price. We are about to come out with this year’s version of the All-in-One CD. The regression Plus and the Fusion applications have been greatly enhanced. I will be speaking on regression analysis at the Appraisal Institute Connect conference this year in July.

One of the issues confronting the industry is a lack of good regression analysis training seminars. Again in 2012, the Appraisal Institute turned down my request to provide them with a seminar on regression. While the AI is a very good education provider, they are not the only good provider. AVT is about to enter into an agreement to provide statistical seminar material to a major appraisal education provider. This will fill a huge void and may be the single most important catalyst to moving the neighborhood appraiser into statistical analysis this year. Watch the web site for more information on where and when these seminars will be offered.

Over the past year I have had two articles published in the Appraisal Journal. One is on market delineation and the other is on market interactions. These articles can be found in the “Activities/Articles” section of the website. The article on market delineation will help regression users understand where to search for sales.

This blog introduces the new forum which has been set up to discuss the software applications and address any questions on analysis. Also, I have begun a project called “Analyzing the Analysis”. This project consists of a proposed series of reference workbooks that discuss the pros and cons of valuation analysis techniques. I will be presenting some of the work I have done at the AI Connect convention this year. Over the years, I have received more questions from appraisers on analysis methods than anything else. Frankly, I have been quite surprised by what I have learned about the various old and new analysis techniques appraisers utilize in their work.