USL Report Documenter

The USL Documenter Application Software addresses USPAP, Supplemental Standards, and Liability Management. USL is an acronym taken from these topics. It is the author’s belief that almost every appraiser can immediately improve his/her reporting with use of the USL Documenter. These improvements are no longer an option, but rather are a necessity for appraising in the new millennium. This software is designed to supplement your forms software package or commercial template. This software is dynamic in that it modifies itself to fit the assignment at hand rather than vice versa. This is the opposite of the way most appraisers (residential and commercial) behave. Most practicing appraisers have bad cases of “form mentality”. Form mentality is the belief that answering each question on the form will result in a credible appraisal. While commercial appraisers do not typically use a form they have the same mindset about their commercial template. I had one commercial reviewer require that I put the approaches in the specific order of Cost, DSC, and Income. In this reviewer’s mind putting the approaches in a different order upset his “form mentality”.

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