Your program is great; I have tried several so far. I knew yours would be the best. I currently use your regression program and USL documenter and I have always been pleased with your products.

– Matt (Total Solution)

I use your total solution software for the 1004mc, thanks for the great program…
DO you have any other templates for Excel? How many? How much $$$ Where?

– Dirk

Thank you David really like your product and thank you for the email. I really appreciate it.

– Chris (Total Solution)


– Bill (USL Documenter)

I am not used to such exemplary service from other suppliers. If you sell anything else, let me know – I will buy it!

– Randy (Total Solution)

I hope you make a million bucks with the software. I’ve told a couple of fellow appraisers in my area about it.

– Jeff (Total Solution)

Great software! We’ve worked hard to get up to speed with the USPAP changes, and probably had 85-90% of this stuff covered. Still, the software, along with the system, gets things organized, and assures that nothing is overlooked. We are busy building some of our “custom” paragraphs into the software. It’s used friendly, and we are quite pleased.

– Howard (USL Documenter)

I have been using the USL Documenter II for about three months now and have really been pleased with the product.

– Janis

I love it, very easy to load from your attachments, easy to start using; I have already started my first report using your software. I know it will help me raise the quality of my reports. Thank you.

– John (USL Documenter)

My complements! In my opinion it adds value to my product for the end-user by giving a more in depth explanation of the appraisal processes. Thanks again for a much improved product that I will use for every appraisal order.

– Kenny (USL Documenter)

This new program is perfect.

– David (Total Solutions)

The USL Documenter show professionalism in my appraisals and it keeps me from worrying about liability issues. I wouldn’t send out an appraisal without it.

– Greg

Just to follow-up, I did get the program and I truly love it. It is saving me so much time on writing my scope of work. Thanks again and hats off to you for making my life a little easier.

– Tim (USL Documenter)

Part of the reason I have bought these products from you is that you seem to stand behind them and you are always very responsive to any concerns or questions one may have. In these tough times for our profession and our country as a whole it’s good to see some people still take the time out to help.

– Gustavo (Regression +)

I am impressed. I think there is much need for this.

– Mark (Extractor)

You have done an AWESOME job with this ….

– H. Ross (Total Solution)

Thanks David for everything and specially to be so patient with me.

Thanks. – Jose

I honestly feel lucky to have found you and your software….. You tamed the 1004MC beast with TS….

– Robert

This has been a very beneficial addition to my reports and has created a process that cut my time on the 1004MC down considerable and reduced the frustration of correlating the data from the several multiple listings services I work with. I’m still learning the full potential of your software and would most definitely be interested in any seminars you may be offering, I certainly hope you will consider coming to the Portland, Oregon area with you classes.

– Bonnie Baldwin

Thanks David for all you do- and the program looks cool.

– Jim (Extractor)

The market condition adjuster is a great utility! I have found the polynomial trend to the 3rd or 4th power to accurately reflect changing conditions in my market. It also works well for land sales. Another great product from AVT. These types of professional tools make my job easier and keep me one step ahead of the competition.

– George W. Dodd, SRA

I just wanted to say thank you as well. You are providing a definite service and your articles are clear and concise to the point. Your programs take the complex (or more importantly perceived as complex) and reduce to a simpler form. When I played and worked your 1004MC Total Solution, it was exactly as stated a “Total Solution.” It is a great program, as well as all of the other programs and tools that you have developed.

– Jack James

Got the software installed it and ran a report with no hitches….inside 25 min total and that’s with filtering through for the reo properties. What a difference in the look of my reports and the new found confidence in the information. What a time saver!

– John (Total Solution)

I was able to get this to work—WOW! What a GREAT PROGRAM!!!!!! I’m so happy I bought it and finally sat down to figure out how to use it. THANK YOU!!!

– Lynda (Total Solution)

I love your program and have recommended it to several other appraisers. Thanks for great customer support.

– Robin (Total Solution)

OMG, it’s a beautiful thing. Thank you so much. Thank you for creating this.

– Tammie (Total Solution)

BTW the Total Solutions software is great….especially the addenda!!! Thanks again for the call back the other day and help with the set up of the Total Solutions Software.

– John F. Peck, III

I want to let you know that I have utilized the software on 2 reports thus far and LOVE it!!! After the initial fumbling around of getting used to knowing what to do, it has become a snap and really is a time saver rather than doing it all by hand myself. Gosh I just love what you developed! In fact, I love it so much that I recommended my friends to buy it. Thank you so much for developing this for us. I really, really appreciate all your efforts. Your #1 in my book any day of the week!!!

– Deb (Total Solution)

Pardon my French, but this software kicks ass. I’ll need two more soon. Thanks for making this software available.

– Jeff (Total Solution)

I love the software! Used it on some of the properties that I have done “manual” regression on and WOW! I see big things for this with the proper marketing and exposure!

– Anthony (Regression +)

David is a great guy. He’s been a regular instructor at the a la mode regional conventions as well. A related product David developed is the USL Documenter. It allows you to quickly develop SOW’s on the fly. Templates are included for many property and appraisal types, but you can also easily create your own (they can be saved and modified). Very handle piece of software, especially if you appraise complex property types and need a unique SOW to fit the situation.

– Leland (USL Documenter)